Nabeta Pier CT

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Phot:Bard's-eye view of the Nabeta Pier Container Terminal

The first berth at the Nabeta Pier Container Terminal started operation in 1997. The second and third, quake-resistant high-standard berths, began operating in 2001 and 2012, respectively.
The terminal operator for all three berths is Nagoya United Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (NUCT), which is made up of nine harbor transportation companies that jointly lease the terminal.

Terminal Specification

T1, T2, T3
(Earthquake-Resistant Berth)
Total length
Water depth
14m(T1,T2), 12m(T3)
Yard capacity
26,932 TEU (20ftx2-4 high)
Reefer yard

472 TEU

Reefer plugs
24 lanes(Inward), 12 lanes(Outward), 22 truck scales(50 tons)
Gantry Cranes
8 (58.6t x 1,57.9t x 3,58.4t x 2,70.5t x 2)


Nagoya United Container Terminal (NUCT)

* NUCT was initially established by the following 8 terminal operators.
Currently an additional 9th company, Asahi Unyu Kaisha is also investing in NUCT.

Terminal Operators

Fujitrans, Isewan Terminal Service, Kamigumi, Meiko Trans, Mitsubishi Logistics,Mitsui-Soko,
Nippon Express, Tokai Kyowa

Main Routes

China, Korea, Bangkok, Indochina, Philippines